A lot of action took place between M06-M12 of the TRACY project.

During that time six (6) more deliverables were successfully submitted under WPs 2, 3, 5, and 6.

A very important milestone was the release of the TRACY Micro Appliance to all project partners for evaluation.

Two very interesting events took place between M6-M12. The TRACY Labs Session 1 “The Mobile Network and Data Analytics” took place in February 2024 providing TRACY LEAs necessary familiarity with the problem domain, the TRACY tools as well as the TRACY methodology and functionalities. Later, during May 2024 “Data Analytics for LEAs” was organized by PT centered around two state-of-the-art analytics platforms, that can be used to support the LEA investigations.

TRACY continued to expand its network with other H2020, HE and ISF projects aiming to create synergies of added value. Liaisons were established with POLIIICE, CYCLOPES, NOTIONES. With LAGO a MoU has been signed enabling TRACY to support the building of the EU Fighting Crime and Terrorism Research Data Ecosystem (RDE) by providing realistic synthetic datasets.