TRACY Partners Interviews

Meet the Partner: TIMELEX

Tell us about the role of your company in this project. 

Timelex is a boutique law firm specialised in the legal aspects of information technology (IT), privacy & data protection (GDPR), intellectual property as well as media & electronic communications. We act as a legal and ethical expert to the project, providing input in the design phase, during development and interpretation as well as with regard to future implementation. 

Can you give an update about the latest developments? 

Most importantly, we have recently finalised the first draft of the Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) to ensure that all activities under TRACY comply with data protection by design and by default. It is important that the legal-ethical assessment is an active part of the development process to ensure project’s compliance. 

What are your company’s next steps in the project, in relation to the pilot site? 

We will continue to monitor the legal and ethical issues throughout the project regarding the retention and processing of non-content data as well as their production, exchange, access, and overall usage. Additionally, a Data Management Plan will be developed and maintained, which will contain information related to the types and other attributes of data the project will generate/collect, the data standards to be used, and how partners might exploit the data, thus setting robust procedures and supporting GDPR compliance.