Latest Past Events

2nd TRACY Workshop: Data Analytics for LEAs, May 24th

TRACY Analytics for LEA workshop is centered around two state-of –the-art analytics platforms, that can be used to support the LEA investigations. As today’s crimes become more and more complex, data driven crime analysis becomes a necessity. On a different note, crime analysis needs to provide supporting evidence that can be used in the court […]



The LAGO FRMOI Workshop aims to present to the investigators of the French Gendarmerie and EU LEA’s representatives invited to the project, including officers external the LAGO project, the outcomes and the ICT solutions realised in the context of LAGO and two of its sister projects: TRACY and STARLIGHT.

CYCLOPES Dissemination Event

TRACY will join CYCLOPES Dissemination Event in Vienna next week. The event will bring together members of law enforcement with research and commercial partners to discuss various topics that support successful fight and prevent cybercrime. The event will include a mixture of tool demonstrations, keynote speeches, presentations and interactive sessions to address the priorities previously obtained […]