TRACY will produce a number of deliverables, as depicted in the table below. Deliverables characterised as [ Public] will be uploaded here, as soon as they are available.

Deliverable NoDeliverable NamePublic Deliverable
D1.1Project Management Handbook, Quality Assurance and Risk Management
D2.1Report on State of the Art, end users’ requirements, Uses Cases and Technical Requirements
D2.2Data protection impact assessment report
D2.3Platform & Appliances Detailed Design Specifications
D2.4Revised data protection impact assessment report
D2.5Revised Platform & Appliances Detailed Design Specifications
D3.1TRACY Platform Prototype (Development Appliance)
D3.2Annotate Demonstration Dataset
D3.3Athens demonstration
D4.1TRACY Platform (Pre-Prod, Production and Demonstration Appliances)
D4.2Pilot Assessment Report
D4.3Annotated Demonstration Dataset
D4.4TRACY Methodology Validation Report
D5.1Training Methodology and Framework description
D5.2Training material 1
D5.3Training material 2
D5.4Training Environment Development
D5.5Training delivery and evaluation report 1
D5.6Training delivery and evaluation report 2
D6.1Dissemination, communication and exploitation Plan
D6.2Dissemination, communication and exploitation activities Report 1
D6.3Dissemination, communication and exploitation activities Report 2X
D6.4Dissemination, communication and exploitation activities Report 3X
D6.5Dissemination, communication and exploitation activities Report 4X
D6.6TRACY web-siteX
D6.7Recommendation for standardization and for policy framework Report
D6.8Data Analytics Roadmap for tackling serious, organised crime and terrorism exploiting ESP ecosystem Report
D6.9Mobile technologies for LEAsX
D6.10Data analytics for LEAsX
D6.11Legal – ethical issues and AI for LEAsX
D6.12Final ConferenceX