The Tracy Project


TRACY is the project of European Commission that is aimed on solving the problems of transport for aging society. It was started because the organizers were searching for studies about this challenge, but there were none of them not only in Europe, but in the whole world too. But still it is an important part of EU development initiatives, so it has to get enough attention.

The TRACY is going to unite a large amount of specialists in different fields around single problem. But first of all we need people that keen on mobility and transporting, experts for special needs and shareholders that can give useful tips for development of the project and get profits instead of them. In our opinion, transportation is not the only issue that older people have to handle on their own, but it is the most important now, at least for these times.

We have collected all the TRACY workshops and divided them in several categories:

  • The first one is determination of the science field and dividing all the transport need of the aging society into four groups: diversity, technical issues, human factors and alternate approaches.
  • Comparing the current programs that are aimed to the improving of quality of life of the aging people with the future or developing ones.
  • And the last step is approaching of the existed researchers into real improvements for aging society, that could turn into wide and effective strategy that will be developed over EU and other countries.

TRACY team member are located in several universities, as The university of Milan, over the Europe so if you have any ideas, please, contact us. Let’s make aging easier together!

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  1. M.Rebstock says:

    Can you please give some more detailed Information about the Project and the partners? Thank you!

    1. admin says:

      Hello, which kind of information do you exactly need ? 🙂

      Or you mean that we could give more information about tracy project partners on our portail ?

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