Thailand : a developing country which seems to forget about the ageing society

The elderly is 10% of total Thailand population. There were two attempts to handle with pensioners’ issues. First was launched 15 years ago and provided tax-based system, that opened cheap basic healthcare for aging people, but surgeries and other complex ways of treatment remained extremely expensive. So Universal Health Coverage scheme was not really widespread, only 5% of pensioners went for it.

That is why government had to introduce one more solution. It was so-called Long Term Care. We cannot consider it as programme for aging people, because it also covers family medical and social assistance.

In this case, Thailand needed a lot of investments, so some financials actors as IQ option (more info at or bank structures  became one of the biggest investors. We have to agree that it is a perfect way to gain popularity: default advertisement is connected with the supporting of the elderly. We will get a change to estimate its effectiveness in five months, when the testing period of Long Term Care Service Development for the frail elderly and other vulnerable people will expire.

Plans for the future

Globalizations increases its impact on the all ways of live. Nowadays, regional cooperation is extremely effective and profitable, so Japan has launched the Asian Health and Human Wellbeing Initiative (more info in Japanese on, that is aimed to the needs of the aging people. Japanese are sure that healthcare programs should involve even children, because it would help to build healthy nation, which could handle with elderly issues much more effectively.

Plans for Sustainable development in most of Asian countries underline the importance of the pensioners and their social and medical security. It means, that every new initiative has to include the package which will protect interests of aging people. Japan, for example, is going to build extremely active society among the elderly. We may agree that most of their programmes do really work, and it is the main reason of their economic success.

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